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Burger & Sushi?

If you lived your entire life with the firm edict of never eating sushi at a place that serves pastrami burgers it would probably serve you well -- with one notble exception. Chef Jun Cha, a former chef at Katana, Katsuya and Sushi Roku, added a bafflingly extensive sushi menu to his parents' retro Northridge diner, which is better known among locals for baskets of french fries and overstuffed breakfast burritos. There's a lot of sauce-drizzled, over-the-top creations (Avocado Mexican Roll, anyone? but the real gems are Cha's rotating specials: Yellow Tail Jalapeño Yuzu Sashimi, Albacore Lovers Roll, Hon-maguro Black Truffle Vinaigrette & Albacore Crispy Onion. This is cultural confusion at its finest.



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