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Sashimi & Nigiri

Sashimi and Nigiri are two exquisite Japanese dishes that showcase the artistry of sushi.

Sashimi consists of thinly sliced, raw fish, toppings and its typically served without rice. It emphasizes the purity of the fish's flavor and texture.

Nigiri features bite-sized portion of vineyard rice topped with various ingredients, often including sashimi slices.



Our bowls come in various flavors and ingredients that are characterized by their deep, rounded shape, making them ideal for serving rice topped with your choice of protein and other toppings.

We originated all the flavors in house with freshly picked ingredients and special sauces to  bring our customer the best possible flavor and combination.


Special Rolls & Regular Rolls

Special rolls and regular rolls are two distinct categories of sushi rolls.

Regular rolls, also known as "maki" consists of a layer of seaweed or soy paper, rice, and a single main ingredient, typically fish, vegetable or seafood.  

Special rolls on the other hand, are more elaborate and inventive. They go beyond the traditional ingredients and preparation methods. These rolls often incorporate unique combination of ingredients, including multiple types of fish, sauces, and additional garnish.


Burger & Sandwiches

All burgers are made with fresh 100% certified Angus beef. Our 7oz patties are char-broiled to juicy perfection, paired with soft and flavorful brioche bun.  

Jr.burger & Jr.cheeseburgers are made with fresh  certified Angus beef 1/4lb patties, also char-broiled to perfection.

Our wide selection of lunch sandwiches and gyros will leave you speechless, all our ingredients are prepared daily for ultimate freshness. 

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